Matrix of Vulnerability Attributes and System

Assessment Complete the Matrix of Vulnerability Attributes and System Object Types in Chapter 4 of the RAND document. A policy to protect the infrastructure must be developed to identify threats and locate vulnerabilities. Complete the matrix to determine requirements for the policy. Review page 28, table 4.2 to understand how to complete a matrix. Complete the matrix on page 27, table 4.1 based on the scenario below. Fill in the type of threat/vulnerability and your recommendation to correct the threat/vulnerability. Scenario In the organization, there is an insider threat. The employee who is the threat has been discussing a perceived vulnerability in the system. Many of the employees believe this vulnerability in the system and are attempting

to create a patch. The insider threat employee has created malware in the system separate from the alleged vulnerability. While the technical team is searching for a vulnerability, the malware is traveling through the system disrupting all network traffic.

What is the issue? Identify the threats and vulnerabilities in the matrix for this scenario. Also, identify the resolutions and solutions. Separate the issues from the solutions in a table with two columns and submit to your assignment folder. The issues are provided in Table 1. You will create resolutions/solutions for the threat or vulnerability below. Table 4.1 Matrix of Vulnerability Attributes and System Object Types RANDMR1601-table4.1 Behavioral sensitivity/Fragility Malevolence Rigidity Malleability Gullibility/Deceivability/naiveté

Complacency Separate ability Logic/Implementation Errors; fallibility Design sensitivity/Fragility/limits/ Finiteness Unrecoverable Singularity Attributes Uniqueness Centrality Homogeneity Design/Architecture Corruptibility/Controllability Accessible/Detectable/Identifiable/Transparent/Interception Hard to manage or control Self-unawareness and unpredictability Predictability Behavior General Must be Original.

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