Explain your understanding of being your own worst writing enemy

Explain your understanding of being your own worst writing enemy. Think up and share some specific strategies of being your own best critic. When you consider past writing experiences, have you ever seen another writer go through the process of multiple drafts before taking 109X? How often do you rewrite your own drafts? What in your opinion is the optimal number of drafts and why? Murray names several categories to pay attention to during the revision process. Name all the possible audiences for your essay. What are some ways to reach them with your writing? The last category Murray mentions is voice. This is a very elusive category to define; however, if you think about how you communicate every day – whether you talk to others sweetly, ironically, in a straightforward way, logically, etc. – you can intuitively feel what voice is on a practical level. Think about how you speak every day and provide a couple of specific examples of how you can transfer a voice into your writing.

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