Employment Law

Scenario: Union Avoidance Project

You are a Human Resources manager at your organization (or one you choose). At the current time, none of your employees belongs to a union. However, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a national union, is attempting to organize your employees. The senior management of your company appears to be adamantly opposed to the presence of a union at your company and wants to do everything possible to  defeat this union drive, including, if necessary:   • Speaking to individual workers, to let them know what management regards as the dangers of unionization, including economic harm to the company and possible layoffs.   • Assembling all workers, in large groups, to speak against unionization, and asking all workers to declare publicly whether they intend to vote for or against the union.   • Making pay changes, both up and down, to certain workers to prove that employees are better off without a union, and may suffer if they play too active a role in organizing.   • Immediately laying off all desk clerks and subcontracting the work to a part-time labor force.   • Other strategies suggested by your research as well.   Based on these facts, you are to prepare a union avoidance program for the company’s senior

management team. This program should:


  • Summarize management’s rights during an organizing drive and respond specifically to each of

the possible actions listed above.

  • Outline your complete strategy in supporting the company’s position of remaining union free.


GB541: Employment Law


Project Requirements:

This applied project will be in the form of an 8-10 page paper (excluding title and reference pages) that is to be based on a realistic project you would create for the company a) you presently work for or b) one

you have worked for in the past or c) one you have chosen.



  • Begin research on your applied project in Unit 1.
  • Continue working on the project in Units 2-5.
  • No later than Day 7 of Unit 5: Submit the completed project.


Suggested Progress for each unit

Applied Project What you should be working on each week to stay on track.

Unit 1 Begin research on your Applied Project.

Unit 2

Complete your research and begin working on the rough draft of your Applied


Unit 3 Complete at least a 2-3 page rough draft of your project.

Unit 4 Complete at least a 4-6 page rough draft of your project.

Unit 5 Complete and submit Applied project

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