when dry air descends from high in the atmosphere

Question 1 A rainshadow desert forms __________. when dry air descends from high in the atmosphere between 20° and 30° latitude in places where mountain ranges act as barriers to the movement of water vapor in cold, polar regions near the equator, where moist air rises (because it is hot and less dense) up, away from earth’s surface Question 2 Precipitation of water on the land surface in the hydrologic cycle leads directly to __________. infiltration, transpiration, and drainage storage, glaciers, and water balance discharge, runoff, and erosion evaporation, infiltration, and runoff Question 3 Groundwater tends to flow through bodies of rock or sediment that ________. are composed of dark silicate minerals have a high porosity have a high permeability are aquitards Question 4 What is the volume of water that passes through each part of the hydrologic cycle annually called? Transpiration Water budget Infiltration Water balance Question 5 Plants consume water during photosynthesis. They also release it to the atmosphere during __________. evaporation degassing transpiration infiltration

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