Cost Accounting Sytems

Consider the places of employment of the team members or businesses with which the team is familiar and the industries in which they operate.

Create a 12-slide presentation, including detailed speaker notes that act as the script of the presentation or a voiceover, of an analysis of cost accounting systems. Include the following in the presentation:

  • Describe the purpose and elements of an effective cost accounting system.
  • Differentiate the 3 types of cost accounting systems (job order, process, and hybrid).  Include detailed descriptions of each.
  • Determine when and why it is appropriate to use each type of system and include an explanation.
  • Recommend the best accounting system for the team members’ respective places of employment or a business where they are interested in pursuing employment. Provide a rationale for the recommendations. If not enough information is available for all companies, provide suggested considerations needed to make the determination.
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