computer applications and business systems – Scholarly Research

In this piece of the project, compare the results of your first search with one that you perform on the Library Resources page.

  1. Using the same topic that you used for the WWW Research assignment, search for information using the search screen at the top of the Library and Learning Services page, which is located in the Resources tab at the top of your course home page.
  2. Select one of these results and take some notes on the content.
  3. Take and save a screen shot of the results and paste it into a new Word document. For assistance on taking screen shots,
  4. Below the screen shot, type in the title of your selection.
  5. Below the title, in one or two paragraphs, compare your notes from the two selections. Some questions that you might answer are:
  • Which selection would you use for a term paper and why?
  • Was the information more complete in one selection?
  • What audience was the author trying to reach?
  • Did you understand the material?
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