How does child abuse affect a child’s future stability

How does child abuse affect a child’s future stability? The effect of child abuse in children’s future behaviors? Is there any differences between them getting psychological help as a child vs no psychological help at all. What are the differences?




Grant Writing

1-    Strategy – what is your purpose, goals, is it fundable and by whom?

2-    Develop a network. Talk to people, collaborated, learn, be open to re-consideration.

3-    Follow the steps. and be patient.

Proposal steps

1-    Setting funding priorities

2-    Drafting the basic or master proposal

3-    Packaging the proposal

4-    Research potential funders

5-    Contacting and cultivating potential funders

6-    Responding to the result


1-    Executive summary

2-    Statement of the need

3-    Project description

4-    Budget

5-    Organization information

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